For many years the founder of CEG & Supply LLC, Brian Clark, has found it harder and harder to find quality goods in department stores.  Much of what is sold is junk, doesn't last, and most of it comes from China.  Brian also witnessed thousands of jobs leaving the United States and plants all around central Indiana closing their doors.  Brian decided that we can either sit back and watch more of it happen, or we can try to make a difference.  Most problems aren't solved in Washington and neither is this one.  Brian and his family started seeking out American made products.  After doing a lot of research, he found many companies that were doing great work and making great products but they weren't typically found in department stores.  Thus, he decided to bring these American made products together into one store.  A store where people can get reliable quality goods and help our fellow Americans.  In June of 2016, CEG & Supply LLC was born.

The CEG in CEG & Supply LLC stands for Clark's Exceptional Goods & Supply.  CEG & Supply LLC seeks to put you in touch with durable, quality made products that are made in here in the USA.  Many of our products are handmade, while others are quality products and brands you trust.  By supporting American businesses and craftsmen, we will help support Americans and their families, while strengthening our own economy.  We know there are always tough times in every generation and families value each and every dollar.  We hope that you value the high quality, durable goods that CEG & Supply LLC has to offer.

Brian also owns Clark Entertainment Group, a television and video production company that was created in January of 2000.  In 2014, he also founded RacingLineTV, a multi-platform racing news, information, and entertainment network.