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Microwave Magic

Are you tired of being pressed for time to cook dinner after work?  Even hamburgers on the grill or stove can take a lot of time.  Microwave Magic will cook your burgers, hotdogs, bacon, buns, and potatoes fast and dinner will be ready in no time.  Microwave Magic's patented technology will cook your hamburgers to your desired level and drain the grease into the drip tray.  Tired of hotdogs splitting and being deformed in the microwave?  Microwave Magic's patented technology will cook your hotdogs without deforming them!  You family will love how easy it is to cook these favorites and it cleans and stores easily. 


This really is cooking made easy!  Kids and adults alike will find cooking bacon cheeseburgers and other items a breeze.


• Burger Blaster
• Hot Dogger
• Bun Warmer
• Hot Potato
• Bacon Blaster
• Splatz! cover dome

• Make bacon cheeseburgers! “Browned” equally sized 1/4lb. hamburgers – in your microwave!
• Hot Dogs/Brats/Sausages – no popping, no splitting, beautiful ballpark franks!
• Cheesy baked potatoes – make red potatoes, sweet potatoes, Idaho potatoes!
• Steamed soft buns. Reheat dinner rolls, muffins, pizza, tortillas and more!
• Crisp, grease-free bacon in 4 minutes!
MADE IN THE USA! Perfect for ALL microwave owners – all ages.

• Cook and eat “safely” at home
• Family-friendly
• Dishwasher safe
• Plastic – does not break. No electrical cords. Safe.
• Make multiple meals in just minutes.
• Eat “healthy”…or make your favorite fast food “bacon cheeseburgers”….without leaving the house!
• Comes with instructions and cooking ideas

Imagine if you could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the Microwave Magic.

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