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Penguin Plunge Children's Jigsaw Puzzle -100 PC- White Mountain Puzzles


Make sure you're somewhere warm when you piece together this children's jigsaw puzzle with a chilly wintry scene from artist Michael Searle. Discover how many penguins plunge into the icy arctic waters, and find out what other animals would probably say: winter is their favorite season. Designed for kids ages 6 and up, this 100 piece kids jigsaw is painted with a combination of pretty blues, and shows how the species of the Arctic Circle coexist in their habitat. Children will love the seals lounging along the ice, the polar bear family snuggling for warmth, and the fish swimming deep out of harms way. Penguin Plunge 100 Piece Children's Jigsaw Puzzle. Finished size: 11" x 15".  Made in the USA!