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Custom Foam For Your Pelican Cases

Custom Foam For Your Pelican Cases at CEG & Supply

CEG & Supply is offering custom foam for your Pelican cases.  Custom-sized foam can be designed for a new Pelican case, an existing case, or any other area where you need organization or protection, such as drawers and display cases.


With Covid-19 restricting travel, we have had several customers create training and video camera kits to send around the world.  To ensure the equipment arrives in working order, we have made custom foam for Pelican cases that fit the gear perfectly so it does not get broken in transit.  The Pelican cases will withstand the harshest conditions and are crushproof, dustproof, and waterproof, and the custom foam keeps the items inside safe and secure without jostling around.


Custom Foam for Pelican 1615Air case

There are lots of applications for using custom foam in a hard case.  We create custom foam for audio/visual equipment, camera equipment, beer, wine, and spirits, computers, drones, pistols, rifles, watches, special tools, and so much more!

Custom Foam for Pelican 1600 case

Set your mind at ease when you have to travel or ship your precious items.  Contact CEG & Supply today to get started on your custom foam for your Pelican Case.  Call us at 317.435.6398 or email at

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