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About Us


A couple of decades ago, products were durable, inexpensive, and were of great value because the majority of goods were manufactured here in the United States.  Even Wal-Mart used to boast Made In USA.  In recent years, it has been a real struggle to find quality products in stores.  Products fall apart, are not made to last, and the price to the consumer has not reflected the poorer made products.

CEG & Supply LLC was founded by Brian Clark in 2016 to help to reverse this trend.  Brian wanted to bring American made products together in one store.  By selling American made products, CEG & Supply LLC would help American businesses, employees, and families realize the American Dream.  It is not easy to find American made products, but it is worth it.  The products that we carry are durable and reliable.  We don't put items in our store if we don't have a good relationship with the brands and use and believe in the products.  A lot of our products even have lifetime warranties!

Help your fellow citizens by buying American made goods.  It helps our neighbors, streets, schools, libraries, and so much more!  Help our country and buy American made products.

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