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We Are Now Indiana Originals Certified!

CEG & Supply LLC is now certified with Indiana Originals!  Indiana Originals is an organization that promotes shopping local for goods and services.  Being a store that sells American made products, it made sense to us to be a part of a local organization that promotes local businesses.

Indiana Originals brings together the innovators, idealists, community builders, and business owners that create healthier, stronger communities and more jobs in Indiana. They exist to encourage a local preference and facilitate greater use of local services, art, food, and more. Every business on is locally owned and operated, headquartered in Indiana, and not part of an out-of-state franchise or chain.

Being certified with Indiana Originals means that we are locally owned and operated here in Indiana.  When you buy American made, your dollars help American families and the American economy.  When you shop local it your dollars help even closer to home.  We look to partner with other IO businesses to bring their products into our store and help each other by doing so and our community.

Our customers love buying American made products that are durable.  If we can bring Indiana customers local goods, then they will be happy knowing that their hard earned money helps their neighbors and themselves.  It is a win win!

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